Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baba Juice Nutritional Cleanse

Your body is made up of at least 75% liquid... If that is so then 75% percent of what should enter inside your body should be in liquid form. If you agree then why not ingest liquid that is full of life/nutrients that will address weight lost and strengthen you completely. 

Example..... If you eat 4 meals a day then 3 of the 4 meals should be in liquid form and 1 meal should be in solid form which all the natural foods (fruit/veggies/grains/nuts/water) should come off the food list provided On the nutritional page. only WATER consumption during the day beside your meals. Inbox me your email if you can't find it and Ii will email it to you personally.

We will try this for 7 days as a family and see that only positive things will manifest from the Baba Juice's Nutritional Cleanse. The main issues that it will solve is weight concerns along with restoring/adding energy and regulating bowel movements. 

A family divides the grief and shares the burden.

Please follow

1) Inbox me your email
2) Blender/Juicer
3) 3 Liquid meals 16oz (food list: fruit/veggies/grains/nuts/water)
4) 1 solid meal food list: fruit/veggies/grains/nuts/water) 4a) If meat only fish (No red meat chicken or shellfish)
5) Exercise or just being active
6) No alcohol or junk (processed food)
7) Plenty of spring water
8) Food from only the FOOD LIST!
9) Get a scale and record your weight on 4/30 and 5/7



  1. any way to give us some meals to put together? I work better when structure is involved, i need exact meals and things i can eat and substitute in order to follow the regimen susccesfully

  2. Yes during the week i will post solid food recipes on the blog but as far as juices i would like for us to use our own ingredients... a combo of your favorite fruits and veggies.

  3. Hello, this is great information.