Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love & Nutrition

1. Where are you from originally?

My name is Babafemi Ojudun and I am Nigerian.

2. What was your health like growing up? How much attention did you pay to eating healthy foods?

Growing up I never had any life threating ailments however I was always a little chubby. I struggled with being over weight because I didn't look like everyone else. Sometimes my family would joke about my weight and how much I ate which caused me to be insecure. My perception of a healthy person was someone who resembled an athlete or my friends and family who were slim and trim. Being healthy to me had nothing to do with what you put into your body; for me it was all about a persons appearance. My knowledge about nutrition was very limited. As a family we ate traditional Nigerian and African American foods as well as everyone else's cultural cuisine, after all this is New York City the cultural melting pot! My eating habits eventually lead me down a path of sickness. My family fed me meat, starch, junk food and limited veggies. I was overweight from the ages of 7-17 and 25-31 Even though I was very active in sports, trying fat burners and so called pre made health cusines I was still going through my weight problems.

3. When did your weight loss journey begin?

It started in high school and the weight loss was due to working out... But I quickly put back on the weight after college. The real journey started in my 30s when I was introduced to my brother Alfredo aka Dr. Sebi and his African Bio Mineral Balance. That is when I understood the truth about who I really am as an African and the code that mother nature gave me since creation (how my ancestors were supposed to eat). Age 30: 287lbs and now age 32: 185lbs.

4. Are you vegan or vegetarian?

Im not sure what to catogorize myself so I just tell people im a naturalist. My lyfestyle is predominantly plant based... No meat, no starch, no sugar, no artificial foods, no hybrids and fish 0-4 days out of the month. I will eventually eliminate fish for good. I don't use soap to bathe or shower, no tooth paste just water and sometimes herbal tooth powder, no deodorant or body scents. My body is clean on the inside so it doesn't exhaust bad odors.

What response do you get when you tell people about your lifestyle or eating habits?

Mixed feelings some people think I went crazy and others commend me. For the most part it's positive and they ask me to show them the way.

So I created a Facebook group where we all can enlighten one another and support each other on the journey of

"Love&Nutrition" ….. You will be able to join our group on Facebook

5. What are a few of your favorite meals to keep you energized between work outs?

I drink 1-2 gallons of spring water a day, One of the best parts of my journey is recreating my traditional favorites into nutritious dishes. Like my special blend of all natural Baba Juice's Dripp teas, Naija Fries, BJ's Sweet Almond butter and strawberry/concord Dripp sandwiches, Babarittos, Ayo's Black Fried Rice, Kozmik Kamut Shake, BJ Dripp Juice, Jollof quinoa, Dr. Sebi's natural herbs & tonics etc.

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