Monday, January 7, 2013


I thought I loved myself in the past... I fed myself all types of traditional unnatural comfort foods, junk foods, artificial juices, alcohols and inorganic pills... The result of that was a 30 year old male that weighed 289lbs was never happy with himself and sick. I'm sure I loved others but when I looked In the mirror I didn't love the image. I knew something was wrong and I didn't need someone that had a md, phd and read a million books to tell me that. I was told that i was being disobedient by not eating the food and that mother nature/god coded us to eat since creation as an African. So one day I woke up and decided I was going to do things different... I simply removed as much as possible the foods that didn't compliment my body (uric acid-meats, lactic acid-dairy, carbon acid -starch based). With cleansing plenty of natural water/fruits/veggies/grains/herbs/nuts there was virtue. 187lbs, no pills, alcohol, no porn and sex addictions, patients, doctor results 100%, clearer skin, no bone or teeth pains, no bad tempers, clearer vision, understanding etc. Not only did I love myself I wanted the same results for others that I saw in me. Let's take control of ourselves and be the impeccable creatures that Nature intended us to be.... Baba Juice presents: Love&Nutrition

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